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Explore the vibrant layers of Cuba's geology and culture

Active Exploration with Enthusiastic Geologists.

Yes! Americans can legally travel to Cuba through our tour group.

Embark on a journey to Cuba with our expertly curated tour group, where every step is an educational adventure blending culture and geology. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Cuban life, from its iconic landmarks to its geological wonders, all while complying with U.S. regulations for educational travel. Experience the allure of this Caribbean gem firsthand, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation through immersive learning experiences.

Be one of the lucky few who experience the magic of Cuba with Adventure Geology Tours!

Top Sights

Old Havana

Viñales Valley National Park

Bay of Pigs Museum

Guamá Wetlands

Ciénaga de Zapata National Park

Fidel Castro Center

Playa Larga

Travel with a Researcher

What makes our tours so unique? They are organized and led by Dr. Tamie Jovanelly who has spent years studying hydrology, plate tectonics, volcanics, and more. She has taken students and adults on geology focused trips for over a decade.
Moreover, Dr. Jovanelly has used her extensive knowledge to write about the hydrology of Costa Rica and publish an award-winning and best-selling book about advanced geological concepts about Iceland, with more books to come!

About Us

It was their love for volcanoes that motivated Dr. Tamie Jovanelly, a geologist, professor, international researcher, and author, along with her husband, Joe Cook, an adventurist, to build a trip that focused on geological landscapes that are inescapable, breath taking, and even more fascinating when their origin is explained.

Bring your curiosity, sense of adventure, and eagerness to learn.

What Our Clients Say

These reviews are from our flagship Iceland Geology Tours. Come with us and leave us a review for Cuba Geology Tours!


Ideal for the adventurer, the scientist, the photographer, and the list goes on and on. Perfect for those that like to be active but can still kick it for a day in the famous Blue Lagoon Spa. Every facet of the trip was taken care of and curated so that we could fully focus on our experience. 10 out of 10 would recommend this trip, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

– 5 Star TripAdvisor Testimonial


Dr. Tamie Jovanelly knows the island like the back of her hand, and she is highly knowledgeable of Icelandic geology as well as geology in general. She maximized our time while we were there without making the trip feel rushed or too crammed.

– 5 Star TripAdvisor Testimonial

Trip Dates

May 19-27, 2025

Busy streets of Cuba Boardwalk over grassy dunes to the beach with a Cuban flag Three men wearing white and cuban hats playing instruments in the street in Cuba

Look for Dr. Tamie Jovanelly hosting a new geology-related show, The Earth Unlocked, now airing on The Weather Channel!

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